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I'm Happy. All is going well.
Kind Of.
My job is getting stressfull. Once I master something, they give me something new and harder to learn. When will it end?? I ask myself is it worth it. But hey, atleast I'm getting a decent paycheck. Let's not get stubborn. I need to start GOING to the GYM! but im afraid i might see whats his face there. Who cares! I want my new car but I decided on New York afterall. I have 55 days left! Kinda excited, i bought some new books about new york. Milo died around New Years. Parents got back from Vegas safe. I'm moving into my brothers room soon. Harry Potter's new book date has been released. My brother bought a house. Little Milo died. I bought a big desk. I'm trying to summarize everything. Meh, thats it!


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