Bugs Bunny Collection DVD
Digital Camera
XBOX 360
Cocker Spaniel

Thats pretty much it. I'm soo going to find a home for Lucy's kittens. I probably wont get the cocker spaniel because we dont have a fence. I already lost a dog due to lack of a fence, it just a fair for the puppy. It needs a place to run.

Classic Lover
The Classic Lover
45% partner focus, 38% aggressiveness, 20% adventurousness
Based on the results of this test, it is highly likely that:

You prefer your romance and love to be traditional rather than daring or out-of-the-ordinary, you would rather be pursued than do the pursuing and, when it comes to physical love, you concentrate more on enjoying the experience rather than worrying about your performance.

This places you in the Lover Style of: The Classic Lover.

The Classic Lover is a wonderful Lover Style, and is the closest it comes to the classic images of the princess in the tower, or the romantic and chivalrous knight, or the hero/heroine from a Disney film. The Classic Lover is a treasure to find, though it can be difficult to do so because they sometimes tend to be shy and/or difficult to successfully court.

In terms of physical love, the Classic Lover again can be shy, and often needs more in terms of emotional security to feel comfortable than some of the other Types. Given the right setting, and the right lover, the Classic Lover can be a delight in bed.

Best Compatibility can probably be found with: The Romantic Lover (most of all) or the Devoted Lover, or the Liberated Lover.


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You scored higher than 99% on partner focus

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Yes! Today is Lost!

Yes! Afterwards we are decorating the house.

Yes! Why am I so happy?

Today we are putting up the artificial tree. I told my mom at 9pm I'm good to go.

Why so Dark
Geeze! At 6:30pm it's already dark outside! I use to like it, but now its like...I don't.

Mom stayed home today. She was sick. She said her body aches. I went to pick up at soup for her at Bill Millers.

Dad came home later and bought Bill Millers. I am in my room bored. I should go to the gym, but it's like dark outside.

Cowboys and Home Alone
Ok so I woke up at 11am. I was watching tv until 2pm. My dad came home and said he bought tamales and barbeque. I got some, it was gewd! I had 3 tacos. Mom came home at 3pm and she was cleaning her room. I showered then just hung at the house for abit. At 6pm my parents wanted me to go get Papa Johns, so I went. We ate and saw the Dallas Cowboys win. Home Alone is on now. I love that movie!

Guns and Halo
I took the kids to school, then I came home and took a nap. I picked up the kids, we stayed at the house until 8pm. I wanted to get dinner for me. So I went to El Pollo Loco then to Sonic because I wanted a tea. We came home and at 9pm we had to go to the restaurant to do something for our parents. Basically all day were playin Halo, outside or munching on some food..

Walmart and Cowboys
Alright so I woke the kids at 6am. At 7pm I drove them to Mcdonalds because they wanted breakfast...it aint my money. So we went and I dropped them off. On my way back I picked up Whataburger for breakfast.. damn temptation. Then I came home and watched Get Carter, I took a nap from 10am to 2pm, then I changed and picked up Gabriel at 3pm. We came home and played some games, then the others called and said they were ready to get picked up. After that we went home and at 6ish we went to Walmart, they wanted to buy something to keep them busy. Hey, its their money. So we went then we picked up Chinese for me. We got back and I watched the Cowboys game while the boys played with their Nerf stuff. The girl bought Play-Doe. Cowboys lost. I put the kids to bed at 12:30am. They're trying to walk all over me but I've been getting strict. Now I'm in my room.

The Krazy Kids
Ok so I woke up at 9:45am. I was watching TV until 12pm. I took a shower and headed to Subway to get my gma a sandwich for her flight. I came home and before I knew it my aunt and uncle came with their kids. They left at 1:30 and me and the kids went outside for a bit. After an hour we went to HEB for me. This week I am doing Atkins. I bought grilled chicken and some other stuff. So my day consisted of playing Halo with the kids, being online, being outside, playing badminton and babysitting. They went to bed at midnight. I am now in my room listening to music. I think later I will sleep in my parents room.

Its 1:51am and mothers in my bed. We were outside lying on the trampoline staring at the stars earlier. Chrissy came outside and was wearing my Texas Tech pullover and my TTU sweatpants.. I was like "WTF, where did u get those!" I was looking everywhere for my pullover the other day. She's in town, for whatever reason. On Sunday my parents leave to Vegas at 2:40 and I'm babysitting my cousins.

Today we went to Military and Goliad and we went to Target, Best Buy, Walmart and Sally's. We were looking for a portable DVD player. We decided on one at Walmart, go figure. At 8pm we met my dad at Josephine Street. It was packed with cars because of Nightmare on Grayson. I didn't hang with the BF today because he called at 5pm and said he was exhausted. No Biggie. Dad gave me tickets to the PGA Champions Tour ::::BOOOOORING:::: I'm not going and I don't know what to do with the tickets. Whatelse, I think I like writing. I'm so glad I didn't delete my account, so that anytime I can come back to LJ when I feel like reflecting. But I wouldnt call what I'm doing reflecting. I just feel like writing. Mom bought "Over the Hedge."

Now I'm going to reflect: My cousin got this 14.75 an hour job at Walgreens. He said they're hiring and that I had a good chance of getting in. My mom wasn't liking the idea of her JEN, after going 4yrs to study advertising at TTU, to work at Walgreens. I talked to her and decided I wanted to stick to advertising. So next week, after dropping off the kids at 7:30am (oh lordy!) I'm gonna be calling advertising companies in SA and seeing if they're willing to hire someone. I want to learn the tricks of the trade so-to-speak. Have something to put on my resume Advertising related, ya know. I would rather get paid 6 dollars doing something advertising related than getting 14.75 being a salesperson at Walgreens. Yes, I know that means my new car will have to wait, but whatever. I am in no rush to get my car.

:::Thinking:::I sold my PDA today for 85$. A man saw my ad on craigslist and replied. I met him at the courthouse today. Thats enough for today.

I had decided to restart Livejournal.

Lucy had 5 kittens today.


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